2020 Cruise Collection

The ready-to-wear collection is inspired by the fine, sleek and modern lines of Japanese culture. The collection combines minimalist and versatile pieces that will complete any wardrobe.

The Signature Collection takes off with its exclusive prints inspired by Japan’s landscape. The contrast of its handmade confection and technical structures are what define this Collection and its cultural inspirations.
Fine details and delicate prints provide a dynamic rhythm to the brands Signature Collection.

The Balnea Collection is inspired by purity and freedom of movement. The avant-garde looks and carefully studied cuts create the perfect balance between simplicity and finesse.

SHAN 2020 – MEN

Inspired by the desire to create a completely versatile wardrobe, this collection allows the SHAN man to perform his daily activities in absolute comfort and style.

  • Collection designed to create a wide range of clothing and underwear for men wishing to remain classic with pieces that never go out of style.
  • Vibrant colors and prints make it easy to match any style to the rest of their wardrobe.

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