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In 1985, Chantal Levesque founded SHAN, with a desire to create a Canadian luxurious clothing line that is dedicated to high-quality and comfortable materials. Every SHAN garment is versatile and distinguishes itself through modern designs and unmatched durability. Today SHAN stands for the art of conserving craftsmanship, from a creative sensibility and obsession for the finest quality. SHAN offers exclusive collections of ready-to-wear, resort wear, swimwear for men and women and a home collection. The collections are brought to life by the most experienced seamstresses, in the atelier located in Laval, QC, Canada. As a creator, manufacturer, distributor and retailer, the company sets itself apart with its international luxury distribution in 850 points of sales in over 35 countries.




Each piece is an ode to the principles of craftsmanship and quality, which is at the heart of SHAN’s brand success.


Attention to the finest details 

Meticulous handwork 

High standards of quality control 

Highly skilled & trained 

Precise assembling process


Known for the superior quality of its luxury products and for its corporate culture fostering talent, performance and creative passion.







The “Made in Canada” authenticity of SHAN’s products distinguishes them from the competition. By combining technical know-how, a flawless handmade production and a particular attention to detail, the company is able to create innovative and superior quality garments. 


Today, the company employs over 150 craftspeople. The design, production and management teams all interact in symbiosis creating a unique conceptual environment : The House of SHAN



The House of SHAN develops exclusive raw materials in conjunction with renowned Italian suppliers to offer the industry’s best performing products. Through quality, exclusivity and originality, the materials selected by designer Chantal Levesque represent the essence of the brand. The construction of a SHAN creation calls upon high-end corsetry and made-to-measure techniques.


The material combination, as for the creation cycle, stems from an elaborate research and development process. Each step is essential to achieve the perfection of a timeless product.


SHAN chooses materials with an avant-garde, bold and unique personality. The selected fabrics set themselves apart through their trendy colors and luxurious prints. With an undeniable talent and her experience in developing materials and prints, Chantal Levesque creates collections that tell the story of SHAN’s enchanting world.


The philosophy remains to master the integral development of the product from its creation to its hand-made and irreproachable Canadian confection with an emphasis on quality and fit.







Economic responsibility

Collaborations with local partners and suppliers

Creation of local jobs and careers

Each of our customers and employees are treated with respect.


Social responsibility

Equal opportunity 

Diversity and inclusions

We guarantee hygiene and safety to all employees.


Environmental responsibility

Our fabrics come mainly from-Nova thread; this material is produced in Italy 'MCS'.

Particular attention to the choice of materials and suppliers.

The durability of our products and the use of sustainable technologies.

Reuse of surplus textiles to create other products.