The House of SHAN

An Internationally Renowned Canadian Flagship Brand

SHAN’s success is internationally recognized through its critically acclaimed collections,its loyal customers, a worldwide presence and recognition within the industry. The Canadian resort wear company is specialized in the creation and design of high-end swimwear, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Located in Laval, near Montreal, SHAN’s workshops are equipped with the latest in technology to privilege a synergy between modern techniques and handwork by experienced operators. The company sets itself apart with its international distribution network of 850 prestigious retail locations in 35 countries and with its eight flagship stores and its online store.

The Designer: An Artist Who Sculpts Silhouettes

SHAN stems from the vision of one woman: designer Chantal Levesque. She founded the company in 1985. Her innovative intuition and her business acumen ensured the brand’s success and allowed her to secure an enviable position on the international fashion scene. With her curiosity, her analytical sense and her natural talent, Chantal Levesque has thrivingly built a revolutionary and creative fashion house within the industry. By combining superior quality with a unique, not to mention avant-garde, design, Chantal Levesque and SHAN go beyond the traditional swimsuit: its refined pieces emphasize on creating beautiful silhouettes and its impressive manufacturing meets the standards of haute couture and luxury products.

«SHAN designs swimsuits like it would evening dresses. The Canadian brand offers creations for the high-end niche market.»

Bénédicte Jourgeaud, editor-in-chief, Le Journal du Textile, Paris

«A swimsuit is a diversion, a décor to beautify the body.»

Chantal Levesque, SHAN founder and designer